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Polish-Americans represent a distinctive marketplace and need to be approached differently in your marketing plans and advertising campaigns. Their buying behaviors and spending habits differ from the general American consumer. They mainly respond to marketing “that speaks their language”. When planning marketing campaigns directed to this community, specific cultural and social factors should be considered.

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Per your requirement and marketing needs, Ingressus will prepare a competitive market analysis for your product or service. We will then provide a multi-channel marketing proposal which will meet your business goals and budget capabilities. Additionally, we can provide you with services of developing and production of your creative including print, radio commercials, TV and infomercials. Finally, we will introduce your campaigns and promotions with the most effective media vehicles targeting your future clients. Read More

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Whether you are a small local Chicagoland based company or a large multi-national corporation, it is possible are that you are not taking advantage of marketing to one of the largest ethnic markets in America – “The Polish – American market”.


The Polish-American media space is very scattered, diverse and can be confusing. None of the existing companies have their representation in all media channels and none of them has a significant market share.

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At Ingressus, we know very well how important it is to prepare and implement the quality of video material in the world of social media. That’s why we cooperate with companies that can produce any kind of project. From small to large.

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Polish-American markets in the US operate through a network of businesses and organizations, which have adapted tools, customs, behaviors and preferences familiar to the Polish or Polish-English speaking customer.

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These events provide members of the community an important opportunity to meet and socialize in their native cultural environments. Local entertainment and community events attract people from all age groups in great numbers.

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