Competitive market analysis for Your product or service

Polish-Americans represent a distinctive marketplace and need to be approached differently in your marketing plans and advertising campaigns


Media planning and buying

The ethnic media space is very scattered, diverse and can be confusing. None of the existing companies have their representation in all media channels and none of them has a significant market share. For an outsider who would like to create a footprint and promote to the any Eastern-European communities, identifying and selecting the right communication media mix would be exceptionally difficult. There is no “one-stop” solution in the marketplace as there are no comprehensive resources on which to base your marketing decisions on.

So what is the solution?

It is called Ingressus, your full-service solution to identifying the right communication channels and media mix to optimize successful outcomes of your campaigns. Our staff has over 15 years of hands-on experience, knowledge and great relationships with Polish-American media and other Eastern Europeans in all regions of the country. We are capable of crafting the most effective combinations of channel mix for your campaigns including radio, print and TV, as well as event marketing and social media. We understand that our clients have different goals, budgets, and customers: therefore our marketing proposals are carefully crafted to meet your needs.

Creative Design and Production

Polish-American markets in the US operate through a network of businesses and organizations, which have adapted tools, customs, behaviors, and preferences familiar to the Polish or Polish-English speaking customer. The preferred method of communications among these markets is often in their own language and through media offering information in both Polish and English. An effective marketing campaign needs to have creative elements specifically designed to resonate with this market. Different age groups respond to preferred language options. The younger population is responsive to communication in both languages, while middle-aged and senior populations prefer Polish only. Delivering your message in the most approachable way through the network of familiar media will maximize your marketing outcomes.

Our Solution

Ingressus ensures that your message will be appealing and culturally sensitive to Polish-American clientele. We work with Polish graphic designers, certified translators, video production companies and several professional voice recording studios in Poland and in Chicago. We can provide you with the highest quality advertising products including print, video, audio, and web solutions. However, the most important aspect of our services is related to our understanding of the Polish-American customer buying behavior and preferred means of communication.

Video Production

At Ingressus, we know very well how important it is to prepare and implement the quality of video material in the world of social media.
That’s why we cooperate with companies that can produce any kind of project. From small to large.
Contact us, we’ll suggest and help you make your next production.
All data shows that by 2022 over 75% of content posted on social media will be video clips. Do not fall behind the competition. Call to schedule your free consultation. Here are the examples of our work:

Events Marketing

Everyone loves outdoor and indoor events. Hundreds of events take place throughout the United States each year and hundreds of thousands of people attend them. These events provide members of the community an important opportunity to meet and socialize in their native cultural environments. Local entertainment and community events attract people from all age groups in great numbers.

Different Eastern European organizations, clubs, churches, and associations organize very popular events including food picnics, charity balls, parades, contests, concerts, theatre plays and tournaments. Many of them are locally and nationally recognized and have been part of the Polish cultural calendars for decades.

These events provide you with an opportunity to market your products and services directly to consumers. They also allow you to become more approachable and to inform and educate your potential clients about your offerings and gather important customer insights. Such events effectively complement traditional media campaigns and provide your company with strong brand recognition among community members.

Our solution

Ingressus offers comprehensive event marketing, planning, and organization services in all Polish-American and other ethnic events in the Chicagoland area. Our services include negotiation of booth and sponsorship fees, design and production of marketing collateral such as flyers, banners and rollups, rental space agreements, kiosk arrangement, registrations and hiring temporary hosting staff.

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