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About Us

Whether you are a small local Chicagoland based company or a large multi-national corporation, it is possible are that you are not taking advantage of marketing to one of the largest ethnic markets in America – “The Polish – American market”.

Most likely, you have heard that the Chicago metro area is home to the second largest population of Poles outside of Warsaw, Poland. Nearly one million people of Polish origin live here. But, you probably did not know that the Polish population in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey are two times larger and New England accounts for about 750,000. Also, don’t forget that the Florida and Georgia markets have over 500,000 Polish people living there. However, with such a large population, there are only a few American companies already benefiting from this prosperous and successful community.


Wondering Why?

The answer is simple. Most companies or their advertising agencies do not know how to take advantage of this demographic. This community is large, lively, and prosperous, but for an outsider who does not know to maneuver within it, it also very difficult to make headway.


Have we piqued your interest? Great!

Ingressus is here to help! We are a Chicago based, full-service agency providing marketing services including advertising, market research and promotion specializing in the Polish and other Eastern European markets in the USA. Our approach is strategic and focused on building long-term relationships. Our experience, relationships and market savvy guarantee the most efficient and cost-effective campaigns.

Whether your business is in healthcare, academia, tourism, financial, automotive, real estate, food and beverage or telecommunications, we can effectively introduce you to this new and exciting opportunity. No matter what industry your company represents, Ingressus is eager to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals. Contact us today to see how we can manage your marketing campaigns through a comprehensive and very cost effective spectrum of marketing vehicles including local ethnic TV, radio, newspaper, event marketing and social media.

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